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7 best search engines for 3d printing models - STL finder

a woman search best engines for 3d printing models

STL finder

STL search engines play a role in the world of 3D printing by giving designers, engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts access to a wide range of STL and STEP files. With a variety of options ranging from simple to highly complex designs, these STL STEP Finders offer an almost endless source of inspiration and practical models.

The free search engine is an outstanding example of a platform that provides an extensive collection of STL, STEP and CAD files for 3D printing projects and for constructions. Users can use search filters and preview functions to find the desired files and integrate them into their projects.

Table of contents

Yeggi Searching for STL in platform

STLFinder Searching for STL in platform

Thangs Looking for STL and STEP

3Dfindit 3D CAD models from manufacturers

3Dmdb Animation effects STL STEP

3DCrawler Looking for STL

TraceParts CAD Library 3D Component Catalogs


  • Yeggi is a search engine that indexes 5000000 3D models from different websites and communities and thus serves as a pivotal point to discover STL files for 3D printing across multiple platforms.


  • STLFinder is a search engine for STL files that is aimed at finding 3D printed models and designs. Users can search STL files for their 3D printing projects and find a diverse selection of models from different sources on the Internet via STLFinder.


  • Thangs is a user-friendly search engine for 3D models that allows users to search and discover a wide range of 3D models. The platform offers a variety of STL and STEP files indexed by different sources on the Internet, thus providing a comprehensive collection of high-quality 3D designs for users.


  • 3Dfindit Is a powerful search engine that searches millions of 3D CAD, CAE models in hundreds of available manufacturer catalogs. The focus is on architects, planners, engineers and designers who are looking for high-quality 3D models and designs. The extensive filter and search functions provide a solid basis to find the required models in a targeted manner and to use them for professional applications. Although the search engine does not focus exclusively on 3D printing, high-quality resources are still provided for a wide range of applications.


  • 3Dmdb has a collection of over 10 million 3D models suitable for printing, computer graphics, visual effects, animations and CAD. These models can be rendered or printed with software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, C4D and Sketchup. 3Dmdb does not host these models itself, but provides links to the original websites where they can be downloaded or purchased.


  • 3DCrawler is a search engine for 3D printing enthusiasts. With the help of the user-friendly STL finder from 3DCrawler, you can search specifically for STL files and discover them effortlessly. The search engine allows you to search for specific models, categories or even designers. So you can find the STL files that suit your needs and download them directly.


  • TraceParts STEP Finder is a powerful tool that helps you find CAD in STEP format quickly and easily. With the STEP Finder, you have access to a huge component catalog with millions of 3D models from different industries and areas of application. You can search by specific categories, such as electronics, mechanical engineering, architecture and much more. The tool allows you to search for 3D models based on your individual requirements. You can filter by specific dimensions, materials or other technical characteristics to find the perfect 3D model for your project.

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